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  • Homebuyers: How to Save Thousands of Dollars When You Buy*

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    If you're like most homebuyers, you have two primary considerations in mind when you start looking for a home. First, you want to find the home that perfectly meets your needs and desires, and secondly, you want to purchase this home for the lowest possible price.

    In this Market buying a home to pay over the Market Value is very common. Negotiating skills and Hiring an agent knowing the market are very important, but there are three additional key factors that must come into play long before you ever submit an offer.

    As a VIP Buyer, we guarantee to negotiate on your behalf for the Market Value with Less Money.* Since we have a designation of Master Certified Negotiation Expert (MCNE), we can guarantee to negotiate the Best Deal for you in your next dream home. 

    If we fail to negotiate a price less than the Market Value of the home* we both agree, we will pay you $2,000 guaranteed at the closing of the sale of the home you purchase.*

    Please fill in the VIP Buyer Form for more information of my Cash Saving Buyer Guarantee Program. A special report called "Homebuyers: How to save Thousands of Dollars When You Buy" will be sent to you.

    *Some Condition and Terms Apply.